AntiScuff Support Coverage

This page explains our Support Coverage. After reading this, you know exactly what we do and do not support on our services

Support Availability

Ticket Support is available for the most part of the day and on best-effort basis.
We do not offer a guaranteed turnaround time for replying to support requests, but most requests are handled within 12 to 48 hours.
There are two ways you can contact us.

  1. Submit a ticket through our Client Portal
  2. Submit a ticket through Discord
    (this link will lead directly to our #help-desk channel on the AntiScuff Discord)


We cannot guarantee handling your support request in a timely manner if you request assistance from just one of the team members. By submitting a ticket, any of our operators can handle your ticket instead of just one.

For less urgent requests, please use #general-chat in our Discord. We'll be happy to answer any general questions you may have about our services. Again, this is done on a best-effort basis.

Cloud OBS Hosting

We offer three different Cloud OBS Hosting packages. The Budget and Enhanced Cloud OBS Hosting packages come with a limited support scope, so please read this carefully.

General OBS Hosting Support Availability

We will manage:

  • Physical hardware management and replacement
  • Network availability
  • Functionality of installed necessary hardware/software/control panels that our outside of control by our customers, like NOALBS, SRT(LA) ingests, server management systems, etc.

Support Coverage on our Budget Cloud OBS Hosting and Enhanced Cloud OBS Hosting

What we DO support

What we DO support

  • We make sure your Cloud OBS instance is available at least 99.9% of the time.
  • We will do our very best to make your experience as smooth as possible, by offering our services on non-oversold servers and with ample connections to and from our servers and network.
  • We will pro-actively monitor your Cloud OBS instance's uptime and resource usage.
  • We can implement any overlay YOU HAVE CREATED YOURSELF through StreamElements or Streamlabs.
  • We do support the overlay(s) generated through
  • We can add any user you trust in our NOALBS configuration. This means that eg. your moderator or any user in your chat that you trust, can switch scenes or start/stop the stream for you through the available NOALBS commands. Read more about the available chat commands here.
  • We ONLY support Websockets on a request basis. Websocket connections are not enabled by default.
What we DO NOT support

What we DO NOT support

  • We do not support custom bot implementations. This means we do not offer custom SAMMI/ implementations, StreamFX or Move Transition implementations on any of your sources or scenes.
  • We do not support any customisations on your Cloud OBS instance itself. This means we do not support any LUA or Python scripts within your OBS, as well as any other script that modify default behaviour of your Cloud OBS instance.
  • We do not support or import any OBS Scene collections you have on your Desktop OBS at home.
  • We do not support custom modifications of NOALBS.
  • We do not support any issues you might face with chat apps on your phone. Please use the appropriate support vendors to get support with Stream Buddy, RealTimeChat, DankChat or any other available chat apps.
  • We do not support any issues you might face by using a Websocket-based application like t2t2, OBS Niek, OBS Blade or any other software that connects to your OBS Websocket server.
  • If you find any of our operators in chat and you have a question about our services or your Cloud OBS instance while you are live, we cannot guarantee that we will directly help you. Please open a support ticket to request assistance, or have any of your moderators or VIPs do that for you.

Remote Desktop OBS Support Coverage

Our Remote Desktop OBS package gives you the freedom to change your scenes and sources as much as you like. This also means that we do not guarantee nor support any of the changes you have made to the OBS yourself. You are free to install scripts, overlays, add/remove sources and scenes but if the OBS crashes because of any of your sources, or any of the sources, scenes or scripts causes high memory or CPU usage, we do not guarantee that we are able to assist you in resolving this matter. We do take the liberty to disable the source, scene or script that causes server performance issues. Our support coverage for the Remote Desktop OBS package is the same as with our Budget and Enhanced Cloud OBS packages, with exception that we do not support any modifications you make to the OBS instance yourself after delivery.

We make weekly snapshots of your Remote Desktop OBS package and you can request a rollback of your changes through our support channels. Do keep in mind that this snapshot can be up to a week old, depending on when you request this rollback.

Contact us if you have questions

If you have questions about our Support Coverage, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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