We expect the next batch of IRL Backpacks to be available end of April, 2024.

AntiScuff® IRL Backpack for Streamers

Perfect for Live Streaming Your

Starting at £999 ($1250)

IRL Backpack for Live Streamers. By AntiScuff®

The AntiScuff® IRL Backpack is a fully complete, ready-to-go portable live streaming solution. Right in the bag you can find all you need to stream IRL content on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or any other streaming platform. Furthermore, the IRL Backpack is built on reliable BELABOX technology and backed by the powerful, fast and secure AntiScuff® Cloud OBS Hosting. Conclusion: this is the most powerful streamer backpack out there.

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Built By Streamers, For Streamers

As streamers ourselves, we thought of everything when we created the AntiScuff® Backpack. First of all, the backpack is 100% rain-proof. All your equipment is tucked away safely in compartments that are easy to reach yet securely closed. Furthermore, the AntiScuff® IRL Backpack contains an internal active cooling system to keep your setup cool even in hot weather. There are a ton of little things to this backpack that make it truly stand out and truly yours.

Comfortable live streaming, for hours and hours

The AntiScuff® IRL Backpack is equipped with soft, double-padded shoulder bands, sternum and waist straps. The soft shoulder bands make sure the bag stays on your shoulders and doesn't cause any discomfort on your skin or muscles.

With the additional straps you can offload the weight from your shoulders and divide it over the rest of your body. This dramatically increases your comfort and increases the time you can wear the backpack at once.

Comfortable and Durable Design

Free Worldwide Shipping

Pay-in-3 with Klarna®

6 Months OBS Cloud Remote Desktop included FREE

For a limited time – all new orders get 6 months of Remote Desktop Cloud OBS hosting + BELABOX SRTLA for absolutely free!¹ allowing unlimited possibilities to stream to Twitch, Kick, YouTube and more – Already a customer? Let us know on the order form.

Configure your AntiScuff® IRL Backpack

Use our product configurator to tailor the AntiScuff® IRL Backpack exactly to your needs. Add a camera, power banks, modems or whatever you wish to add (or leave out). The backpack works fine with any camera that has an HDMI output port, but we advise to use the Sony X3000 for its proven outstanding performance and favouritism amongst fellow live streamers.

We expect the next batch of IRL Backpacks to be available end of April, 2024.

What's included with the AntiScuff® IRL Backpack for Streamers

Waterproof, super comfy backpack

Double padded shoulder bands and high quality sternum and waist straps guarantee you can stream for hours.

Powered by BELABOX Video Encoding

The backpack is powered by BELABOX, all set up and pre-configured. All you have to do is start streaming.

Lasts about 6-10 hours on one charge

Thanks to the INIU 20,000mAh Power Bank you can live stream approximately 6-10 hours on a single charge.

Efficient Active Cooling System

The IRL backpack is equipped with an active cooling system that keeps your bag internals cool even in hot weather.

Pockets, pockets, so many pockets

There are oh-so-many pockets in the backpack. Store power banks, tablets, camera gear, modems safe and quick.

Everything is safely stored out of sight

Your streaming gear is safely stored inside the backpack. This protects against theft and weather influences.

All required cables and plugs included

We provide you with only the highest quality cables to connect your devices, modems and power banks.

Tripod and Chat Phone Holder

The backpack comes with a sturdy and waterproof Ulanzi Tripod with built-in Chat Phone Holder.

Includes a Stuntman Shoulder Mount

You can easily clip your camera to the Stuntman Shoulder Mount. Keep your hands free for other activities.

FREE Worldwide Shipping⁴

We will ship your AntiScuff® IRL Backpack anywhere we can in the world. Average delivery is 1-2 weeks.

Deck out your IRL Backpack with these optional extras

Sony FDR-X3000R Action Cam

Or, the best camera for live streaming in the world. Add it to your order to ensure you have a camera that works perfectly.

Microphone Wind Protection Cover

Protect your audio with the Wind Protection Cover. Already included with the X3000 camera.

Weather & Theft Protection Cover

Protect your bag even better against weather and theft with the optional black protection cover.

Go eeextra long with a longer Selfie Stick

Need more than the 146cm selfie stick included with the bag? Choose the 300cm long selfie stick instead.

WiFi Access Point for Cell Phone streams

Don't want to waste battery tethering your chat phone to your stream? Use a dedicated Wifi Access Point instead.

Power & Connectivity Bundle

Add an additional bundle of 3x Power Banks and 2x Modems in a handy bundle with 20% discount.

We expect the next batch of IRL Backpacks to be available end of April, 2024.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about The AntiScuff® IRL Backpack

The AntiScuff® IRL backpack for Streamers is a complete mobile live streaming solution that allows anybody to stream live video from anywhere in the world. We equip and configure the  backpack to start live streaming right away. All you need to add is a camera and a data plan and you're ready to go, in any weather and anywhere in the world.

Many different brands make up the IRL Backpack. The backpack itself is sourced from a trusted supplier and is customised for us. The tripod and selfie stick are from Ulanzi, while the power banks we use are from INUI. We use ultra high quality braided cables from UGREEN and the BELABOX is built on NVIDIA Jetson or Orange Pi hardware.

The AntiScuff®Backpack works on tried and tested BELABOX technology. You can connect a camera or phone to the IRL Backpack and stream the video feed to any streaming platform like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, LiveSpace and many more.

With every bag, we ensure all hardware is tested and is guaranteed to work together. A percentage of every sale is returned back to the BELABOX project as a one time donation to keep the project running.

We also provide a comprehensive return to base 12 month warranty on all parts which fail from normal usage, without the need of contacting multiple suppliers.

We are also a fully registered limited company, and we are required to pay tax on all sales.

You absolutely can build your own IRL streamer backpack. If you want to know more about that or you are looking for a part list or some technical assistance, do not hesitate to ask us on Discord* with no charge or referral links!

* AntiScuff customers only.

The starting price of the AntiScuff® IRL Backpack is £999 / $1250.

We make sure your IRL Backpack is delivered to you in top notch state. If for some reason you are not happy with the backpack, please contact us and we will try our very best to make you happy. We honor the factory warranty on new equipment in your backpack, but have a 30 day guarantee on the optional Sony X3000 camera.

Usually we dispatche your order within one to two weeks. Delivery time of the IRL Backpack is depending on availability of different parts. Lastly, delivery duration depends where you are in the world.

We send your package from the United Kingdom. We insure your delivery and you can follow your order through Track & Trace. You will receive a tracking code via email at the time we send out your IRL Backpack.

All your streaming equipment is stored away nicely inside the bag. In practice this means the potential thief has to open two compartments closed by zippers before they can even reach your gear.

Yes, we create the AntiScuff® IRL Backpack for Streamers with poor weather in mind. Seeing we are located in the UK, we know more than anybody else in the world what it is to deal with bad weather. We store all your streaming equipment away nicely in the bottom of your bag. And don't worry, your streaming gear is safely surrounded by protective padding and compartments that are closed with sturdy, waterproof zippers.

The backpack comes with one (1) INUI 20,00mAh power bank, which will last you about 6-10 hours. By adding more power banks, you can extend the duration of your streams.

Yes, you need to get your own data plans and sim cards. We don't offer data subscriptions with our backpack, because we believe you are far better off getting a local sim card from the country you're streaming at than to overpay for expensive worldwide coverage. After all, you can only be in one country at the same time.

You can stream to any platform you like that supports RTMP or SRT video streams. This includes Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, LiveSpace etcetera.

Streaming to multiple platforms at once is only possible with our Enhanced Cloud OBS Hosting or Remote Desktop package.

  • Ehanced Cloud OBS package: Stream to 2 locations simultaneously.
  • Remote Desktop package: Stream up to 11 locations simultaneously.

AntiScuff makes the lives of streamers easier. We operate a network of servers and technology that allows IRL streamers to stream high quality video through viewers worldwide, with the lowest latency possible.

IRL stands for "In Real Life". In the context of live streaming this means filming your life and the things you do.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us! We are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have. You can either send us a message through Discord or send us an email through our contact form.

Footnotes & disclaimers

¹ Subject to our Terms of Service, Limited time offer. Expires once all allocated packages have been used.
² You will need to bring your own SIMs with a data plan on them valid in the country you are streaming in.
³ The backpack can handle multiple connections from 3/4/5G as well as a WiFi source. These connections are 'bonded' together for increased stability of your stream. You will need to provide your own data sources for this to work.
⁴ We ship worldwide for free, but due to international sanctions we cannot send a package to any of these countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Republic of Guinea (Conakry), Guinea- Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Russia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine (Crimea/Sebastopol) and Zimbabwe.

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