How to display chat on screen in Larix Broadcaster

This also works for the IRL Pro app on Android

To display chat on your Larix, you'll need to set up what is called a "Web Widget". To add that, take the following steps:

It's most useful to take the steps below on the phone where you have Larix Broadcaster installed.

Go to and click on the Get it button

Kapchat - Get it

On the next screen enter your Twitch channel name and click Generate on the bottom. You can adjust any other settings you like yourself, like having chat fade out after X time, show or hide messages from your bots and choose a chat theme. Leave 'Prevent Clipping' unchecked for optimal performance.

Generate a unique chat link

Now you'll be presented with a link. Copy that link:

Copy the generated link
  1. Open Larix Broadcaster on your phone
  2. Tap the cog wheel on the top right of the screen
  3. Scroll to Overlays
  4. Tap on Web Widgets
  5. Tap on New web widget
  6. Tap on name, give the widget a name. "Chat" is a good example for a name
  7. Tap on URL, and paste the link in you've just copied from the Nightdev website.
  8. Under View mode, change it to Preview instead of Preview+Stream
  9. Under Position, decide where you want the chat box to appear on your iPhone screen. Center is nice, but that's up to you
  10. Under "WebView options" give the chatbox a width and a height. Depending on how large your screen is you might need to fiddle with these settings a bit, but start with width: 600, height: 800
  11. Then hit SAVE. And go back out of the settings menu by tapping the arrow left-top of your screen a few times.
  12. You now see the chat widget in your preview window.

Is the chat too small?

Then go back to the settings by repeating step 2 to 4 in the list above. You will see your Chat widget in the list. Long-press it to enter its options.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and under Scale in percents, set it to 200-400, depending on how large you want your chat box to appear on your screen.

Done. Have fun streaming!

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