OBS Cloud Hosting Packages

Affordable OBS Hosting. No long-term contracts. No setup fees

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All packages work perfectly with Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and many other streaming platforms

Budget Cloud OBS Hosting

£40 / $50 / month
  • Ideal for mobile streams
  • Max 720p @ 30 / 60fps
  • Basic Overlays and Alerts
  • Disconnection Protection
  • Dedicated chat bot
  • Up to 8000kbps Bitrate
  • Free SRT or RTMP Ingest
  • Works with BELABOX & LiveU
  • Works with IRL Pro & Larix Broadcaster
  • No Setup Fee
  • Activation within 24 hours

Enhanced Cloud OBS Hosting

£50 / $60 / month
  • Ideal for mobile, backpack streams
  • Max 1080p @ 30 / 60fps
  • Advanced Overlays and Alerts
  • Disconnection Protection
  • Dedicated chat bot
  • Up to 8000kbps Bitrate
  • Free SRT or RTMP Ingest
  • Works with BELABOX & LiveU
  • Works with IRL Pro & Larix Broadcaster
  • No Setup Fee
  • Activation within 24 hours

Remote Desktop OBS

£75 / $90 / month
  • Remote Desktop OBS - for IRL Streaming - FREE SETUP
  • This package is dedicated to professional users. We don't offer assistance in setting up your OBS, bots or apps you want installed.
  • FULL ADMIN RIGHTS to an official, licenced Windows Desktop
  • Enterprise NVIDIA GPU with official NVIDIA Licencing
  • Max 1080p @ 30fps or 60fps
  • Perfect for backpack streamers who would like more control to OBS and run enhanced tools and overlays
  • ALL REQUIRED Pre-installed Apps: SAMMI, Streamer.Bot, NOALBS, OBS and Remote control apps
  • Enhanced Overlays and Alerts
  • Disconnection Protection
  • Use your own Chatbot account
  • Up to 25000 kbps bitrate (YouTube) 8000 kbps bitrate (Twitch)
  • Free SRT or RTMP Ingest – Pick from multiple locations
  • Works with BELABOX, BELABOX BEE, Teradek, Kiloview, LiveU Solo, LiveU Solo Pro and more
  • Activation within 24 hours*

White-label reseller services available. Please contact us for enquiries.

Low-latency Ingest Servers

SRT, RTMP and SRT to RTMP Ingest

SRT Ingest

£10 / $13 / month
  • SRT Ingest server (choose location on order page)

RTMP Ingest

£10 / $13 / month
  • RTMP Ingest server (choose location on order page)

SRT to RTMP converter

£13 / $17 / month
  • SRT to RTMP converter (choose location on order page)

If you're unsure what to add, please contact us first.

Our Cloud OBS Server Locations

With our worldwide OBS Server Locations, you will always have a server close to your location. This will decrease delay between you and your audience and in turn increase the amount of interaction you can have with your chat as a streamer. See a complete list of our OBS Server Locations.

All of our OBS Cloub Hosting packages include

  • Dedicated chat bot

    Our bot, aptly named anti_scuff_bot, is ready for your commands whenever you need him.

  • Quick support via Discord

    Our team is always on Discord to help you with any questions or issues you might have.

  • Bring your own overlays

    You can use your own Streamlabs or StreamElements overlays. On the Elite package you can also bring overlays from other bots or systems.

  • SRT & RTMP Endpoint included

    Broadcast to our SRT or RTMP endpoints for increased stability of your mobile stream.

  • Unlimited data

    All packages come with unlimited data, allowing you to stream as much as your mobile connections allow you to.

  • Up to 8000kbps @ 60fps video

    You can broadcast at high quality to our servers, up to 8000kbps @ 60 fps. This way you'll have perfectly clear video wherever your mobile network can carry this bandwidth.

What people say about our services


Twitch Partner

Before AntiScuff, my streams were non-stop scuffing.
I was the human embodiment of NotLikeThis.
But ever since I moved over to AntiScuff,
my streams have stayed live and I'm PogChamping every day.


Twitch Affiliate

Antiscuff has massively improved my streaming! My home computer was becoming unreliable and if it had issues I couldn't always fix remotely. Antiscuff eliminates all of this and handles up to 1080p OBS in the cloud!! I haven't had a problem since! I have all my overlays with reliable SRT and even RTMP servers so I can add picture-in-picture to my streams! If you're an IRL streamer I can't recommend Antiscuff enough!

Need help? Hit us up on Discord or send us an email

Discord is the fastest way to get an answer to your question. But if you don't want or can't use Discord for whatever reason, please send us a message through our Client Portal.

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With AntiScuff ® you can rent a cloud-based OBS installation with full support for SRT and RTMP ingest. Preconfigured with NOALBS and always online. Our service has no long-term contracts and starts at £40 / $50 /month.