Nobody likes setup fees - so we removed them

Enjoy NO SETUP COSTS on all our OBS Cloud Hosting and Remote Desktop packages. For good!

Cloud OBS Hosting | Remote OBS Rental

Powerful, non-oversold Cloud OBS Hosting

Powerful, non-oversold Cloud OBS Hosting

No technical knowledge required

No technical knowledge required

Always quick support (tickets or Discord)

Always quick support (tickets or Discord) provides affordable and secure Cloud OBS Hosting for IRL Streamers, backed by 24/7/365 live support.

OBS Cloud Servers worldwide

Our servers are located worldwide so there is always a server close to your current location, even if you are travelling around the world. Currently we have servers in 30 locations worldwide. View our current Server Locations on the map.

Your own OBS Cloud, activated in 24 hours

We pride ourselves in our speedy delivery: your OBS Cloud Server is activated within 24 hours after completing your order.

Stream to our OBS Cloud Servers, wherever you are

With our easy to use service you are always ready to livestream, wherever and whenever you feel like!

Fully cloud-based, so you don't need a PC to run OBS
Ideal for streaming your travels
Backed by 24/7/365 support
Stream in high quality (up to 1080p)
Keep your stream alive even with low 4G/5G reception
Manage your stream with our easy to use chatbot

Starting at £40 / $50 /month.

What other IRL Live Streamers say about AntiScuff Cloud OBS Hosting


IRL Outdoor Streamer

My stream is far more stable ever since I started using AntiScuff and their SRT endpoints. I can never go back!


IRL Streamer

Before AntiScuff, my streams were non-stop scuffing.
I was the human embodiment of NotLikeThis.
But ever since I moved over to AntiScuff,
my streams have stayed live and I'm PogChamping every day.


IRL Streamer

Antiscuff has massively improved my streaming! My home computer was becoming unreliable and if it had issues I couldn't always fix remotely. Antiscuff eliminates all of this and handles up to 1080p OBS in the cloud!! I haven't had a problem since! I have all my overlays with reliable SRT and even RTMP servers so I can add picture-in-picture to my streams! If you're an IRL streamer I can't recommend Antiscuff enough!


IRL Streamer

Antiscuff is incredible. Having OBS on the cloud has meant I can spend less time tinkering with unreliable home servers, and more time doing what I love - creating great indoor and outdoor IRL content! What makes this better than the competition is the fantastic customer service... and did I mention it's cheap as chips? Make haste and sign up to Antiscuff ASAP!

Stream with OBS, directly from the cloud

No more need to leave your PC running while you travel

Easy to get started

Choose your desired package, complete the payment and you're live within max 24 hours on your own Cloud OBS.

Go live with one command

Type !start in chat whenever you feel like streaming and your Cloud OBS is live. It couldn't be easier and faster.

Secure with 99.95% uptime

Your cloud OBS is installed on a separate instance, so other users cannot interfere with your OBS performance.

Starting at £40 / $50 /month. Cancel anytime.

Cloud OBS Hosting is ideal for traveling streamers

OBS Cloud Hosting is always ready for you

We are here if you need any help

Our team is always monitoring streams that are using AntiScuff's service. If you need our help, just hit us up on Discord or send a message through our client portal.

Full support for SRT & RTMP

Your Cloud OBS comes with full support for the SRT protocol. This secures stable video, even in low-bandwith situations. Works especially well on bonded 3/4/5G connections.

Preconfigured with NOALBS

NOALBS makes sure that whenever you lose connection your stream automatically switches to a 'Be right back' scene. This keeps your stream (and your viewers) online.

Starting at £40 / $50 /month. Cancel anytime.

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With AntiScuff ® you can rent a cloud-based OBS installation with full support for SRT and RTMP ingest. Preconfigured with NOALBS and always online. Our service has no long-term contracts and starts at £40 / $50 /month.